Web restructuring for Kern Microtechnik

CNC precision milling into a human hair? Yes, that's possible. KERN Microtechnik offers machining centers and high precision part production made in Germany – for more than 50 years. Their machines are sold all around the world and used in various sectors, such as automotive, medical equipment, jewelry, and more.

Our contributions

Webdesign, Strategy, Ongoing Support

Team composition

Project Manager, Web designer, Graphic Designer

The Structure

The old corporate website has a dated structure going back to the early 2000s. In the first step of the project, analytics were performed to determine existing "zombie pages" that do not get any views. Restructuring was then performed to highlight the information that users search for and optimise the content for search engines.

Once the restructuring was completed, a design system was developed. This allowed us to reuse existing blocks for many repetitive pages, while still remaining a visual coherence.