Supermarket assistant for the visually impaired

Shopon is a project born out of a collaboration between three key stakeholders, Vizio Foundation, Albert Heijn and DesignLab. Together with the stakeholders, we took a concept and developed it into a fully functioning application with design thinking at the core.

Our contributions

Branding, Naming, Strategy, UI Design,
Stakeholder analysis, Design Sprints

Team composition

Product Manager, UX Designer, UX Writer,
Workshop Facilitator, iOS Developer,

The Problem

Blind and visually impaired users struggle with a lot of daily tasks. Supermarkets are a combination of the difficulties faced and are not designed with the visually impaired in mind.

The branding represents the three cores of the application that were developed, being blue for smart lists, yellow for AI product detection and turqoise for the ability to pay without needing to proceed to the cashier.

The User

Even though designed with a focus on the visually impaired, shopon is also available for the general public. As the core of the design was the usability, the application allows everyone to shop with ease.