Digital logistics tachograph system

Tachobyte is a widely used tachograph system in the Netherlands and Germany. Their system allows truck drivers and logistics operators to view the ongoing deliveries, see the stops, pauses and rest time. All the information can be easily exported to any format.

Our contributions

Discovery, Storyboarding, Voiceover,
Filming, Post Production

Team composition

Production Manager, Videographer,
Voice Actor, Producer

Product at the center

The video does not only explain Tachobyte and the product, but also shows how it's actually used by the truck drivers and operators. Resulting in better lead generation and conversion.

Tachobyte Scene 1 & 2 Preview of the product video
Tachobyte Scene 3 & 4 Preview of the product video
Tachobyte screenshot of corporate video
Tachobyte Logo
Tachobyte screenshot of corporate video

Tachographs are complex. With the new video, Tachobyte is able to use it on their  landing page and email campaigns to easily explain their product to potential customers. See more at